Lazy Phone Holder

(100 shqyrtime nga klientë)


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Mbajtësja e celularit dembel mund të përdoret në mënyrë fleksibël nëse është ulur apo shtrirë. Mund të përdoret në shtrat, navigator makine, aparat fotografik, telefon celular dhe psp. Është një mbajtëse celularësh shumëfunksionale dhe mbajtëse makine.

Është mbështetja dixhitale më e thjeshtë dhe e lehtë për t’u përdorur që mund të përdoret në mënyrën më të rehatshme, duke ju bërë shumë dembel për të qenë të shëndetshëm, shumë dembel për të qenë të rehatshëm dhe shumë dembel për të qenë të plotë. Lazy Treasure, fokus në përvojën e përdoruesit, dizajn i shkëlqyer strukturor, sipas ergonomisë, pjesëmarrja e koncepteve të projektimit njeri-makinë, duke i lejuar përdoruesit të marrin një përvojë më të mirë të përdoruesit.


Emri i produktit: Mbajtëse telefoni dembel ngjyrë karamele

Madhësia e produktit: Gjerësia e kllapave 6cm lartësi vertikale 4.5cm

Materiali i produktit: Plastike

Pesha e produktit: 16g

Prezantimi i produktit: Plastika me cilësi të lartë është miqësore me mjedisin dhe nuk ka erë të veçantë, e përshtatshme për vendosjen e celularëve, argëtuese dhe e qëndrueshme, ejani dhe çlironi duart tuaja

Përmbajtja e paketës:

1* Mbajtëse telefoni dembel plastik

Shikime: 2
Peshë 0,02 g/kg
Përmasa 100 × 100 × 60 cm

Nordic blue, Nordic coffee, Nordic green, Nordic pink

100 shqyrtim për Lazy Phone Holder

  1. K***a

    мне досталась жёлтая подставка. удобная вещица. Всё супер,спасибо!

  2. E***c

    I like it, the color is random but I got the one I wanted
    no remark

  3. O***j

    Приятно удобная мелочь за маленькие деньги

  4. M***m

    good and useful

  5. V***a

    Все отлично

  6. V***i

    exactly as described, took a little while to arrive but I am pretty happy with it

  7. U***r

    Comfortable thing!

  8. G***r

    The goods came in time. The size is slightly smaller than I expected. But the Samsung A71 holds perfectly. Seller recommend.

  9. T***a

    It went for a long time, threw in an open mailbox, the color was put randomly. Worth your money
    no remark

  10. M***W

    Great item.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  11. R***r

    Stand as in the picture and in the description, I recommend.
    no remark

  12. A***a

    ok but long shipping
    no remark

  13. A***r

    The goods went two months and did not track. I ordered two different colors: pink and blue (for a boy and a girl). Sent two pink holders-one child upset. In the rest, the plastic is quite strong. For this money you can take
    no remarkno remark

  14. V***n

    The parcel came after the end of the deadline in 2 weeks, the seller said it was because of the pandemic, but I also think our mail works like this

  15. V***n

    Everything corresponds to the order

  16. U***u

    OK OK

  17. K***s

    Δεν παρελήφθη.

  18. A***a

    Good stand. I recommend all product and seller

  19. L***s

    no remark

  20. T***h

    I liked the stand very much. It's a pity only that the color can not be chosen. And so everything is fine. Seller recommend

  21. E***t

    Very practical it is great as an object

  22. E***y

    New and fine product. Very useful. Delivery OK. Thanks you
    no remarkno remark

  23. A***n


  24. C***n

    Great practice thank you!
    no remark

  25. S***i

    Delivery a little long but with the current situation it is understandable. The product perfectly matches the description.

  26. L***u

    Very good thank you it took a little long but sava
    no remark

  27. E***a

    It's been a long time. But it came. The color is blue. Its function performs, steady. Sent fast. I did not communicate with the seller. Recommend

  28. M***a

    no remark

  29. N***a

    Small, but comfortable coasters.

  30. K***a

    Miniature, comfortable stands. The phone confidently holds both vertically and horizontally. I ordered two, both came Blue
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  31. M***m

    Good thing)

  32. G***r

    Заказали 6 штук. Оплатили. Пришло всего 5 .

  33. M***u


  34. F***r

    Very usefull, good quality

  35. A***a


  36. F***t

    I liked the goods, the bodies went for two and a half months. It was very disappointing.

  37. T***a

    Good stand. Holds even a tablet

  38. M***S

    Just like the description, I got 3 blue and one pink, seller 10 stars very good quality price
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  39. N***v

    I recommend. everything is fine

  40. V***k

    Неплохая thing

  41. V***v

    Convenient piece

  42. J***s

    Super compatible with description and stainless zdjeciem

  43. N***a

    Two coasters came in. The phone is kept normally. Steady. True, the tilt can not be adjusted but also so normal. Thank you.
    no remark

  44. A***n


  45. M***r

    2,5 miesiaca waiting

  46. A***a

    All is well

  47. Y***o

    Of all the colors, they sent it pink. Which I don't like

  48. N***i

    Suitable for kids very, cheap cute

  49. F***r

    nie otrzymałam zamówionego towaru

  50. U***r

    works well

  51. B***a

    Пришла подставка в другом цвете.

  52. L***a

    Alas, the goods did not come, the seller returned the money

  53. N***k

    It's like the description. The seller sent in time, but the Mail took almost 3 months. thank you to the seller.

  54. A***.

    Stand Good
    no remark

  55. L***s

    He's here already. All right

  56. N***a

    Очень нравится. Держит не только телефон, но и планшет!
    no remark

  57. V***

    Thank you!
    no remark

  58. C***a

    Arrived fast

  59. 6***r

    Yellow received

  60. L***a

    Nice thing!

  61. K***s

    it took ages to arrive.

  62. A***n

    Came quickly, packed well, nothing broke
    Stand strong, good, Pink came
    Product and seller recommend

  63. A***a

    It's been a long time, two months. And so everything is OK. Pink came to me

  64. S***s


  65. 2***r

    I liked the stand, the phone holds well both horizontally and vertically. Track wasn't tracked. I did not communicate with the seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  66. E***a

    Comfortable little bullshit for fans to read from the phone for coffee 🙂

  67. T***t

    alles gut, bin zufrieden

  68. N***r

    это то что я хотела ,телефон ношу из комнаты в комнату ,теперь подставочка есть везде , можно положить телефон и не бояться ,что то пролить на него.Спасибо продавцу.

  69. N***a

    Everything is fine!

  70. K***a

    super. tnx

  71. N***a

    Thank you for the fast delivery of the goods! the product corresponds to the declared qualities. The stands are very comfortable, I already use it. The phone is firm, convenient! I recommend the goods and the seller!

  72. A***z

    Está bien, pequeño pero bien

  73. E***v

    Good quality Product. Thanks !

  74. E***f

    lento y sin información de seguimiento

  75. I***r


  76. O***a

    To Moscow there was a parcel of 3 weeks (norms). It's a pity that the color can not be chosen (the least Ho ate yellow, came exactly yellow)
    But the seller was not contacted, most likely it was possible to write a wish!
    In general, its functionality performs well. The stand is stable, not slippery, taking into account the fact that the phone does not fall heavy.
    Thank you. Recommend.

  77. M***l

    Very small

  78. J***a

    After x time and thanks to the seller for extending the delivery process came to me.
    no remarkno remark

  79. I***c

    very tiny but ok

  80. D***r


  81. D***v

    Does the job

  82. P***r

    bardzo ładne

  83. I***O

    It carries an oegatine with the giant bar code that when you remove it all the glue and you have to be removing it

  84. B***k

    Super Thank 🙂
    no remark

  85. R***r

    Good quality can Holder

  86. G***i


  87. O***g

    nice and usefull

  88. A***k

    Все 6 штук прислали красного цвета. Заказываю не впервые, удобная вещь

  89. A***o

    Very fast delivery

  90. M***


  91. D***a

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  92. L***r

    Conveniently holds though and small

  93. S***n

    late arrival

  94. О***r

    Drogo was ordering. Quality at altitude! Phone does not fall)
    no remark

  95. L***n

    всё супер очень удобная штука☺️

  96. P***x

    Good but too long the shipping
    no remark

  97. I***k


  98. C***n

    Clearly just clearly now I watch movies and do not hold the phone in my hands

  99. A***R


  100. N***a

    Thank you for the fast delivery of the goods! Mini-stands for the phone are very comfortable, correspond to the declared characteristics, high-quality performance. I recommend the goods and the seller!

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